Fonri Wi-Fi is a smart living ecosystem that adds comfort to your life with stand-alone wireless products. Fonri Wi-Fi products can be remotely controlled and managed and make living spaces smart.
You can use the products without subscription and contractual obligation.
You can use our products with your existing wireless internet. You can operate it directly with your smart devices without the need for additional hardware such as main panel, reader (gateway).
By downloading Fonri WiFi application from APP STORE or PLAY STORE, the application is installed with a mobile phone number. Product setups are made through the application.
With the products introduced in the application, you can program your products according to time and location, create scenarios, define notifications about any status change to your mobile devices, and manage some by voice with third party services such as Google, Alexa and Siri.
The range of the products is the same as your Wi-Fi range. You can extend the range of your existing modem/router device by using Wi-Fi repeater/range extender products.
You can create a new password after the verification code you will receive via SMS by clicking 'Forgot your Password?' on the application.
Products cannot work without an internet connection. However, if you use a portable charger (powerbank) with your modem, you can provide internet in case of power cuts, and all our battery-operated products will continue to work.
When you change the modem at home, you must reset all products and re-introduce them to the system. However, if you define your old modem settings (SSID, password, etc.) in the same way on the new modem, there is no need for any reinstallation.
Fonri Wi-Fi devices are identified through our servers with a special encryption method. Infrastructure, communication and application are developed, inspected and certified within the scope of all international security standards, relevant laws and regulations.
Click on the scenarios icon in the Fonri Wi-Fi application. Scenarios can be created with one or more products by making options according to weather, location information, time, status and change modes of other devices from the options on the page that opens.
Unlimited scenarios can be created for all devices used in the application.
When changing the password, the devices must also be reinstalled.
Notifications can be received instantly through the application, continuously or between the desired time, or notifications can be turned off during the unwanted time interval.
Fonri WiFi app is automatically set according to the phone language used.
Unlimited locations can be added. Devices can be controlled according to defined location information.