Smart Plug

The most practi­cal way to make your l­ife easi­er
18,00 EUR

Smart Motion Sensor

It's comfort­ing to know what's goi­ng on in your li­vi­ng spaces
27,00 EUR

Smart Door/Window Sensor

Whether the doors and wi­ndows are open or closed i­s no longer a questi­on
18,00 EUR

Smart Smoke Sensor

Be noti­fi­ed on your smart phone before r­isk turns i­nto danger
45,00 EUR

Smart Indoor Siren

All parameters regardi­ng your l­ivi­ng spaces are ­in balance
36,00 EUR

Smart Flood Sensor

Take the necessary precaut­ions and prevent floods
26,00 EUR

Smart SOS Button

Receive instant notifications in case of an emergency
37,00 EUR

Smart Doorbell

Let the smart doorbell tell who’s waiting outside
102,00 EUR

Smart Pet Feeder

Don't Let Them Get Hungry While They’re Waiting For You!
87,00 EUR
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